2022 High School Virtual Film Program

EEI Creative Arts (ECA) presents cutting-edge film courses taught by Hollywood professional instructors for students passionate about media arts, considering film school, or looking to pursue a future career in entertainment. 

Immersive learning in the quintessential media arts disciplines of Screenwriting, Post-Production Editing, Music Production, and 3D-Animation Visual Effects.

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The ECA Advantage

Develop Skills

Whether you're starting off as a beginner or honing your craft, ECA's fully accredited courses are designed to build practical, real-world skills.

Build Your Portfolio

Hands-on projects facilitate learning while acting as the foundation of a professional portfolio for applying to film schools or internships.

Gain Industry Insights

Classes taught by Hollywood professional instructors who work with cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.

Earn High School Elective Credit

Learn with ECA to transform your hobby into an educational pathway

EEI Creative Arts School of Film & Entertainment is an education partner of Elite Open School, fully accredited by Cognia and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Our curriculum carries the full academic backing and quality assurance required for students to be recognized for their hard work through credit reflected on official transcripts.

Students who complete 3 modules in any order within one creative discipline are eligible to receive a semester of high school elective credit.

ECA is proud to offer our students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and explore their true interests, while simultaneously making actionable progress on their educational requirements.
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ECA Educational Advantage
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Foundational Courses in Filmmaking

Jump-start your creative education by developing real-world skills in the cinematic arts

Our core curriculum combines live, virtual workshops with pre-recorded lectures crafted by industry professionals to strike the ideal balance between quality hands-on instruction and accessibility for our students.


Well-developed characters, captivating narratives, thrilling tension! Develop mastery over the facets that create an exciting story.

3D Animation & Visual Effects

New technologies have redefined the realm of possibilities in filmmaking. Learn how to build digital scenes and assets using Unreal Engine and Maya.

Post-Production Editing

Enter the editing room—where great films are either made or broken. Create original works by manipulating provided industry footage and film.

Music Production & Songwriting

Rhymes, beats, and bass drops!  Produce your own polished tracks and songs ready for release on major music platforms.

Tuition Pricing

Single Module

1 x EEI Creative Arts Virtual Module
(single module in Screenwriting, Editing, Music Production, OR Virtual Production)

3-Module Package

EEI Creative Arts Virtual 3-Module Package
(three consecutive modules in Screenwriting, Editing, Music Production, OR Virtual Production
$1650 → $1550

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