Skill Development

Master the basic and advanced elements of narrative storytelling within the realm of scripts and films.

Portfolio Building

Develop story concepts, short films, and show bibles complete with characters and worldbuilding.

Industry Insights

Break down the greatest works of storytelling with the guidance of an established Hollywood screenwriter.

Well-developed characters, exciting action, thrilling tension—many facets combine to create a captivating story.
In an era of prolific digital content creation, story is still king.
Our screenwriting courses teach students the science behind the art of great storytelling.
From Story to Script: Visual Storytelling for Single and Episodic Story Formats  introduces students to the fundamental concepts of fictional story creation for the visual medium of movies and television. Students will focus on the pillars that form a solid foundation for compelling narrative such as premise, genre, character development, story structure, and more.
Exploring Genres and Adaptations will delve into writing for specific popular genres including horror, science fiction, book and comic adaptations, and fantasy.  Students will learn to develop story concepts and apply specific tools of visual storytelling to capitalize on the strengths of these genres.
Watch a clip of our instructor Michael Tabb explain the most important aspect of storytelling in film! 
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Course Overview

From Story to Script
Genre Explorations and Adaptations
Additional Information

From Story to Script: Visual Storytelling for Single and Episodic Story Formats

Module 1: Origin of Stories

Starts March 9, 2022 

Learn the key elements of engaging storytelling including character creation, 3-act story arc design, premise development, and genre analysis. 

Module 2: Writing a Short Film

Starts April 6, 2022

Develop your original ideas for a short film by generating a premise, plot, and characters under the guidance of a Hollywood writer.

Module 3: Writing a Show Bible

Starts May 4, 2022

Create a set of characters in a world that can inspire multiple stories and plots for an episodic show fit for TV or digital streaming. 
Virtual Live Workshops on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM  PST / 7:00 PM EST

Genre Explorations and Adaptations

Module 1: Writing Dark Stories

Starts March 13, 2022

Explore the evolution, tools, and concepts for developing dark and sometimes scary scripts for film and TV.  

Module 2: Writing the Fantastic

Starts April 10, 2022

Unleash your imagination and delve into the world of supernatural storytelling as students learn how to make the fantastic and unreal into compelling stories. 

Module 3: Adaptations and Fan Fiction
Starts May 8, 2022

Learn the art of adaptation and how to make books, comics, and stage plays into visual stories fit for the big and small screens.   
Virtual Live Workshops on Sundays at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Additional Information

Tech Requirements

  • Desktop PC or Mac

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Web camera and microphone

Course Format

  • Our virtual courses blend pre-recorded lectures crafted by experts & weekly live online workshops with your instructors and classmates. 
  • Final projects for each module are due exactly one week after the last meeting date of respective module at midnight PST.

Flexible Modules for High School Credit

  • Students who complete three modules in any order within one creative discipline will receive one semester of high school elective credit.
  • Modules can be taken individually for non-credit.
  • Prior modules do not need to be taken in order to attend the next module.

Meet the Instructor


Michael Tabb is a fifteen-year active member of the Writers Guild of America (the Hollywood professional screenwriters’ union). A multi-award-winning screenwriter and screenwriting educator who has authored a film-festival-winning Best Screenplay, two screenplays produced for Universal Studios, and the how-to book Prewriting Your Screenplay: A Step-By-Step Guide to Generating Stories, Tabb has also developed feature film projects in collaboration with Disney Feature Animation, The Canton Company at Warner Brothers, Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman, comic book icon Stan Lee, and many more. Learn more about his work by visiting his website at

Tuition Pricing

Single Module

1 x EEI Creative Arts Virtual Module
(single module in Screenwriting, Post-Production Editing, Music, OR Virtual Production)

Spring Module Package

EEI Creative Arts Virtual Module Package
(three consecutive modules in Screenwriting, Post-Production Editing, Music, OR Virtual Production)
$1650 → $1550

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