Music Production

Technical Skills Training

Everything you need to write, arrange, and record your own original track.

Portfolio Building

Create ready-to-share beats, melodies, and songs to demonstrate your prowess.

Industry Insights

Learn from instructors who are professional artists, composers, and producers.
In this hands-on music course, aspiring artists and producers will learn the techniques and technology to write original hit songs from the comforts of their home studio.  Our industry-professional expert instructors will guide students through the entire song crafting process - from laying down the foundational beat and melody to readying a mix that can be released on music streaming platforms - using only their laptops and a few essential audio equipment. 

             Student Showcase

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"Home" (Diana Ross) cover by Ryan Wirtz

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"My Love" (Jess Glynne)" cover by Antonia Ospina

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"Summer in Between Us" by Stephanie Wang

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          "Coming Home"         
by M8 feat. JAQ & Wes Writer

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"No Sense" (Sam Kim) cover by Lance Lim

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"I Have Nothing" (Whitney Houston)" cover by
Antonia Ospina

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"Six Feet Under" (Billie Eilish) cover by
Sherly Lin

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EEI Creative Arts Songwriting Workshop

Course Overview
Additional Information

Sound Craft: Principles of  Modern Music Production

Module 1: The Art of Beatmaking

Starts March 12, 2022 

Every good song starts with a catchy beat, and students will use virtual instruments within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to layer drums, a bassline, and chords to create the foundation of their original song. 

Module 2: Songwriting Essentials
Starts April 9, 2022

From infectious hooks to epic buildups, students will learn the anatomy of a hit song and how to arrange instruments and structure songs. With mentorship from our instructors, students will build lyrics, rhymes, and melodies over their original beats to compose a full-length song.

Module 3: Mixing & Mastering

Starts May 7, 2022

In order for a song to be ready for the masses, it needs to be expertly mixed and mastered to create a polished, professional-sounding track. Students will use software plugins in their DAW such as compression, EQ, delay, and reverb to enhance their songs and create a fully mastered track that they can release on major music streaming platforms.
For serious artists, our team of experts will provide additional professional-grade mixing and mastering as well as help students distribute their songs on music platforms and receive royalties. Additional fees required. 
Virtual Live Workshops on Saturdays at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Additional Information

Tech Requirements

  • Desktop PC or Mac
  • Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9. 2 or later.
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Or equivalent hardware.

Course Format

  • Our virtual courses blend pre-recorded lectures crafted by experts & weekly live online workshops with your instructors and classmates. 
  • Final projects for each module are due exactly one week after the last meeting date of respective module at midnight PST.

Flexible Modules for High School Credit

  • Students who complete three modules in any order within one creative discipline will receive one semester of high school elective credit.
  • Modules can be taken individually for non-credit.
  • Prior modules do not need to be taken in order to attend the next module.

Meet the Instructors

Tyler Forrest

Tyler is a songwriter, film composer, and music producer located in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Louisiana, Tyler was exposed to music at a young age and has been writing and producing music ever since he picked up his first guitar. He has written and produced music for TV, commercials, movies, and national radio. Recently, Tyler was the composer for Millennium Films’ action/comedy movie “Search and Destroy”. Tyler has always been driven by passion for the arts and music performance. Through persistence and constant exploration, that passion has turned into a career. “I go where the music takes me” is Tyler’s life motto.
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     Mauricio Jimenez

Mau is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Mau fell in love with music at a young age when he was diagnosed with ADHD. Music became an essential source of focus and expression with which he felt understood in a way nothing else could. His relationship with music started on drums, then progressed to the bass and then the guitar. Self-taught, he eventually fell in love with the art form of songwriting and honed in on the marriage between music and lyrics as an instrument itself. His passion for songwriting granted him acceptance in to Berklee College of Music where he further progressed his passion for songwriting and music production. Post-graduation, he formed the bands Wolfside and Night Lights, which gathered millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Both of those projects lead him to national tours and opening for acts such as Grandson, Great Good Fine Ok, Joywave, Lamaitre, Mako, and Jawny. During the pandemic, Mau began to focus more on production and began a solo project called MAUMAUMAU. Through that, he has signed publishing and sync licensing deals with multiple agencies such as Position Music, Fulton Street Music Group, Shindig, and Uncorked. He has found that the tools he has polished in songwriting and production have helped him excel in the high-speed environment of sync music and songwriting for media platforms. 
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Tuition Pricing

Single Module

1 x EEI Creative Arts Virtual Module
(single module in Screenwriting, Post-Production Editing, Music, OR Virtual Production)

Spring Module Package

EEI Creative Arts Virtual Module Package
(three consecutive modules in Screenwriting, Post-Production Editing, Music, OR Virtual Production)
$1650 → $1550

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