Writing Dark Stories

Horror, crime, thrillers, and war...  Explore how to write dark stories that make your skin crawl and spine tingle!  

March 13 - 
April 3, 2022


10am-12pm Pacific
(1pm-3pm Eastern)
In this module, students will delve into genres that shock, thrill, and frighten as they learn the essential elements, techniques, and concepts for writing dark stories for film and TV.  
Course Takeaway
Students will know the key concepts and components in order to write their own horror, crime, mystery, and war stories.  

Course contents

Michael Tabb

Award-winning screenwriter & Author of “Prewriting your Screenplay: A Step-by-Step for Generating Stories”
About the Instructor
Michael Tabb is an award-winning screenwriter, screenwriting educator and decade-long member of the Writers Guild of America. He has authored a film-festival-winning Best Screenplay as well as two screenplays produced for Universal Studios. He has developed feature film projects for and with Disney Feature Animation, The Canton Company at Warner Brothers, comic book icon Stan Lee, Dustin Hoffman and many more.