Dec 8

Spring Program Sneak Peak!

We are excited to offer a sneak preview of our upcoming spring semester courses, which are set to start in March 2022!  

Fall Modules for the Spring

For those of you who were not able to enroll in our fall courses, you will be able to sign up for all 3 of our current modules in the spring as well!  These include our fundamental courses in Screenwriting, Virtual Production & 3D Animation, and Editing.  Click on the course links to learn more about these courses.  

New Spring Modules

We'll also be offering new courses in the disciplines of Screenwriting and Virtual Production & 3D Animation, and we are excited to announce the addition of Music Production!  

Our screenwriting course will focus on exploring different genres, including horror and science fiction.  Students will also try their hand at adapting books, comics, and video games for the big screen, as well as adding their original storylines to established worlds and characters.  

Meanwhile, Virtual Production & 3D Animation modules will go more in-depth with Unreal Engine as students will create a virtual world of their choice using the assets and functions within the engine.  The only limit with what they can create is their imagination!  Afterwards, students will take live-action footage and create a composite with digital backgrounds and elements as they experiment with blending the physical and virtual worlds.  Students will also sit in the director's chair to create an animated short film based on a script.  

For our newest course in Music Production, students will use a digital audio workstation (DAW) to create an original beat and write their own song.  With the guidance of our industry-expert instructors, they'll learn how the pros use studio tools and techniques to make great sounding hits.  This is the perfect class for both casual bedroom musicians and aspiring producers!  

Watch the clips below to get a glimpse of what you'll learn in these classes!  
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Sometimes, the protagonist is NOT the hero of a movie! 
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Watch a scene breakdown of the shots, cuts, and effects used in The Legend of Bagger Vance !
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Music Production

Tyler lays down a mean sounding bass line in Pro Tools! 
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3D Animation

Manipulate your own world in Unreal Engine!